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High School Workshop at Texas A&M University
Editor's Note
The details for the 2015 workshop are not yet available.  The information displayed below is for the already-held, 2014 event.  Please visit this page again in March 2015 for details and online sign-up for the next High School Yearbook Workshop, scheduled for Friday-Monday, July 17-20, 2015.
Program (schedule and other info)   Campus Map and Letter
Who This workshop is for high school students and yearbook advisers.  For junior high students, we offer a Junior High Workshop.  For college students, Balfour Yearbooks co-sponsors the National College Yearbook Workshop.
When Fri-Mon, July 18-21, 2014
Texas A&M University
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  • Top instructors from around the country.
  • Learn the latest trends and develop skills in one or more of these areas: yearbook, newspaper, photography, multimedia & video editing.
  • Design your yearbook cover with one of our expert artists (60 minute session included in workshop fee).
  • Computer training.
  • Mentor program.

All students select one of two options:

  • Full-time Track (no major and no electives)
  • Major/Electives (one major and two electives)
Full-time Tracks The tracks listed below will run the full length of camp.  Students will remain with their class and receive in-depth training on these respective topics.  Your staff members will come away as the content-area guru for your team!
  • Integrated Software & Design
  • Beginning Photography
  • Advanced Photography
  • Multimedia & Video Editing
Majors Majors and electives are for students NOT selecting a full-time track.  (Full-time tracks are described above.)  Register for one major course of study appropriate for each student’s experience and skill level.  Students will receive instruction on all aspects of production and come away with a solid, broad-based knowledge.  After selecting a major, these students will also select two electives from the options listed further below.
  • Beginning Yearbook
  • Advanced Yearbook
  • Beginning Newspaper
  • Advanced Newspaper
  • Beginning Adviser
  • Advanced Adviser
Electives Students who select a yearbook or newspaper major are required to select two electives AT THE WORKSHOP.  (Majors are described above.)  Advisers are encouraged but not required to select one or two electives.  Participants in full-time tracks may NOT select any electives.
  • Advanced Yearbook Layout
  • Dynamic Yearbook Copy
  • Yearbook Design & Color Trends
  • Editorial Leadership
  • Newspaper Design Trends
  • Feature Writing Lab
  • News & Editorial Writing Lab
  • Media Convergence
  • InDesign & Photoshop Training
  • Marketing
  • Photography for the Non-Photographer
Credit This workshop is certified by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  Each attending adviser will receive a certificate for 30 TEA-certified hours.
  Early Bird Fee, deadline is Friday, May 09, 2014
    Yearbook Major or Newspaper Major Students
      $350 per overnight student
      $210 per commuting student
    Integrated Software & Design Students
      $430 per overnight student
      $290 per commuting student
    Photography, or Multimedia & Video Editing Students
      $390 per overnight student
      $250 per commuting student
  Non-discounted Fee, after Friday, May 09, 2014
    Yearbook Major or Newspaper Major Students
      $385 per overnight student
      $245 per commuting student
    Integrated Design & Software Students
      $465 per overnight student
      $325 per commuting student
    Photography, or Multimedia & Video Editing Students
      $425 per overnight student
      $285 per commuting student
  Overnight student price includes all fees, all meals, a double occupancy dorm room, and a workshop t-shirt.  Commuting student price includes all fees and a workshop t-shirt.  For commuting students, your transportation, hotel reservations, and meals are your responsibility.  The price for Integrated Design & Software includes computer and software rental.  The price for Photography and for Multimedia & Video Editing includes photo supplies and printers.
   $210 registration fee (or $235 after 05-09-2014)
   $175 dorm (meals, single occupancy room w/ linens)
   $75 meal plan for commuting adviser (optional)
  The adviser registration fee includes all instructional fees and a camp t-shirt.  The adviser registration fee is waived if 8 or more students attend.  Advisers may stay in a single occupancy dorm room or commute.  All adviser dorm rooms have linens.  Commuting advisers have the option to purchase a meal plan.
For students and advisers, we must receive payment within 10 days of online registration.  For mailed paper registration forms, early bird payment must be received by the deadline.  If payment is received late, you will be billed at regular pricing.  For refunds, a $75 cancellation fee will be deducted from each student refund requested after Friday, June 13, 2014.

Brochure (screen friendly format) (1.79 MB)
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Permission Form (29 KB)
(Documents above are same as what we snail mailed.)

Online Registration By registering online, your space will be reserved instantly.  Online registration is available when the event date is near.
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